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Parts and Tool Consulting

Parts and Tool Consulting

Parts Manufacturing and Tool Consulting


More Than Mold Manufacturing

ROMOLD Inc. specializes in research and development and is pleased to consult on any tooling projects from the initial concept through production. The success of your project is enhanced when we are involved at the earliest planning stages. From prototype to production molds, we can decrease the time needed to bring your product to market.

Take Advantage of Our Mold-Making Expertise, Experience and Creativity

The ROMOLD team is confident in their broad knowledge of tool design, precision machining processes, materials and software. There is never an issue with confidentiality. Due to our extensive research and development work, we routinely protect proprietary information, enter into non-disclosure agreements, and control your trade information as we manufacture your tooling.

Post Delivery Support

ROMOLD is available post-delivery for tool trials, production or process consulting, and more, as our expertise and responsibility go beyond mold building.  We will provide all requirements per your tool order, including material certifications, inspection dimensions, drawings, and the specified warranty.  

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