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Facilities and Equipment

Facilities and Equipment

On-Time Performance Through a Well-Equipped Facility

ROMOLD’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is an efficient and active work environment.  We maintain our plant infrastructure, and upgrade equipment to hold the close tolerances and precision required by the industries we serve. Our delivery timelines are improved because we have in-house control over our machining and the mold finishing processes. Our tool room is well-stocked for all of our close tolerance manufacturing applications, allowing us to build custom tools with precision and accuracy.

Maintenance Makes the Difference

Our state-of-the-art measuring equipment is calibrated per our quality system procedures, on a scheduled basis, traceable to NIST.  Our manufacturing equipment is routinely maintained as part of ROMOLD’s plant and equipment preventive maintenance program. The ROMOLD team has a powerful computer system for speed in design and manufacturing, networked for dependability, efficiency and capacity.

Safe Tool-Handling

ROMOLD utilizes vertical CNC milling machines, including high-speed, high-precision mills, as well as a horizontal mill.  Our EDM department is outfitted with wire, sinker, and hole pop capabilities, and has recently been upgraded by adding a robot to serve two of the sinkers, which enhances our ability for unattended machining.  Our material handling equipment moves large tools safely and securely through each machining process.

Contact ROMOLD today for all your plastic injection mold and die-cast mold needs! ROMOLD Inc. is a manufacturer of custom tooling. Our services include part and tool consulting, plastic injection mold design and manufacturing, and die cast mold manufacturing.  The industries we serve include optical, medical, office and imaging equipment, packaging, Department of Defense, automotive, transportation and consumer products.