Mold Design and Engineering

ROMOLD's 11,500 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility is an efficient, effective environment for the design and manufacture of precision mold and dies.

Tool Design Expertise

As a manufacturer of custom tooling, we utilize a sophisticated combination of CAD/CAM software to rapidly address and document the design and engineering process. ROMOLD employees are empowered by their extensive knowledge of tool design, plastics applications and precision machining processes and software. For your most complex parts, multi-cavity tools, contoured parting lines and close-tolerance finishes, our team will transform your ideas into a tool designed for manufacturability.

Molds That Reduce Production Cycle Times

We design or modify your parts to fit, form and function. All mold layouts are designed in 3-D format to ensure compatibility to press, projected cycles, and designated tool standards. Whether we build your mold from design files or from a simple concept drawing or model, you’ll receive a finished mold that is designed and built to ensure fast cycle times and trouble-free production. If you have a part design, we are able to electronically import and translate nearly all computer-designed files. Our FTP upload site is fully integrated for your convenience in transferring files.

It's Easy to Work with ROMOLD

Direct communication with customers ensures that tool design, engineering, and manufacturing are integrated into a seamless process, allowing us to produce a quality tool in an impressively reduced timeline. Our internal communication system allows us to turn on a dime when changes are necessary.
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ROMOLD, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom tooling. Our services include parts and tool consulting, plastic injection mold design, plastic injection mold engineering, plastic injection mold manufacturing, and die cast mold manufacturing. The industries we serve include optical, office and imaging equipment, automotive, medical equipment, and consumer products. We are located in Rochester NY and serve customers across the United States and globally.